1. Fundación Francisco Frankenstein
    Palma, Spain
  2. The Bo Derek's
    Vigo, Spain
  3. Los Retumbes
    Barakaldo, Spain
  4. Los Fusiles
    Seville, Spain
  5. Sinciders
    Barcelona, Spain
  6. Les Envahisseurs
    Montreal, Québec
  7. Jabato
    Madrid, Spain
  8. Perrito Caliente
    León, Spain
  9. The Budweisers
    AS, Spain
  10. Freddie Dilevi
    Seville, Spain
  11. Thee Braindrops
    Madrid, Spain
  12. Bonzos
    Bilbao, Spain
  13. Los Wavy Gravies
    GA, Spain
  14. Heatwaves
    VC, Spain
  15. Runaway Lovers
    Bilbao, Spain
  16. Hombre Lobo Internacional
    Palma, Spain


Family Spree Recordings Spain

Family Spree Recordings is a Spanish record label focused on scanning the underground scene to discover new rock'n'roll bands, without style constrainings (punk, garage, powerpop, rockabilly, rhythm & blues, surf,..., are welcome with us).

All our releases are in vinyl format. We deeply hate CDs and audio streaming platforms.

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